Product Development at AdLux Lighting

Project Phases

Engineering Tools

Rendering (Visualization)

By the use of a rendering tool it is possible to realize different design versions in a fast and easy way which helps to evaluate the real appearance of the lamp and thus to speed up the design finding process during the concept phase.



Modern 3D CAD systems are used to design fully functional and manufacturable products .



By the use of simulation tools (e.g. injection molding or finite element simulations) all production and assembling steps (e.g. clip connections…) as well as all mechanical component tests (e.g. shaker test …) will be performed virtually. Due to this approach it is possible to detect and optimize critical areas in an early phase of the development.


Optical Technologies and Electronics

LED technology and homogeneous light emitting surfaces

During development of our innovative lighting systems we attach great importance to homogeneous illumination of the light functions (e.g. tail light). By combining of different light spreading, guiding or reflecting elements (Glowing bodies, light guides, reflectors,…) different design wishes, such as 3D effects, can be realized.


LED failure detection

By using LED rear lamps on trailers, it can happen that the pulling vehicle wrongly detects a not working light function (e.g. direction indicator) due to the low power consumption. To be aware of these failures, AdLux Lighting has developed an integrated LED failure detection unit for all lamps, which generates a high enough power consumption if the light function is working correctly. Failing light functions will be detected according the legal requirements.